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Welcome. The Sensorcast is an effort to provide an infrastructure for the collection, sharing and visualizing sensor data from around the world.

We have been in existence for about 5 years experimenting with a variety of technologies and researching how to collect and manage heterogeneous data into a common form which allows it to be merged with other heterogeneous data to discover new relationships between physical phenomenon.

We have several projects in the works and some already online. Below you will find a list. This Wiki contains detailed information regarding each project and using the GSW tools to query and visualize data.




Primary vs. Archive Servers

Sensorcast is distributed. Primary systems allow datalogging and querying. Archive servers only allow querying.



Sensorcast Stations/Observatories

– DECO is funded in part by a grant from the American Physical Society

Public Sensor Stations (Mirrored)

NGO Monitoring Efforts (Mirrored)