Essential Info

There is, and has been, a lot going on — including published papers; grants received; and new development. We’re in the process of updating the details and documentation for all of this. Some of it is already online. Please be patient. We tend to prioritize development over publishing news updates.

Please check out some of the more important things:

  • The BETA of our new web based geo-visualization page here.
  • The beta of our pending Android based Datalogger app here.
    This is being updated almost daily as we respond to feedback. Once installed it will auto-update on your phone. Some screens do not have documentation describing their purpose. Offered “as is” at the moment; a full page in the Wiki will be online shortly.
    (Suggestion: send that link to your email you use on your Android phone, then open and click. This saves you from typing.)
  • There is a Google Group for Sensorcast-users and one for Sensorcast-developers. If you are interested please join. Eventually announcements of updates to the blog and wiki will be automatically be sent to one or both of those groups.

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