Contact Us:
We do not have physical offices, everything is in the cloud, our collaborators are distributed around the globe in virtual teams. Please send email to: with an appropriate subject.

If you’d like to collaborate with us that would be great. Please contact us as described above. We need collaborators in the following areas:

  • Web Front-end developers:
    We need developers to build front end interfaces around the back-end app server using our API’s.
  • WordPress/Media Wiki design:
    We’re using WordPress and Media Wiki to publish our information because it is convenient and easy to learn. That is not the same thing as having something really well polished. We need some work in this area.
  • App server/web services developers:
    Our stack uses Java and Tomcat. We need these skill plus others — e.g, python, php, etc. — that extend our API’s and open our system to the broadest range of users.
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS admininstration, data modeling, DB performance:
    Our current system uses PostgreSQL/PostGIS and the 9.5 sharding and distribution features. We collect all kinds of sensor data including images and audio. It’s a fun challenge.
  • Big Data:
    Our history with PostgreSQL (and MySQL) goes back several years to before stable common features now found in Big Data offerings, and when we only had simple, single, small systems to work with. It has served us exceptionally well. However, we need to explore exponential growth and the addition of application servers and data storage resources and how that informs our storage system choices.
  • Android/iOS:
    We have Android expertise but we need more. And we really need an iOS developer.
  • Data mining and Visulization via common tools:
    We need developers to design easy access for tools like Matlab, Tableau, Pig, Hive, and things we haven’t thought of yet
  • Citizen Scientists, Hobbyists, Teachers and STEM outreach:
    Our system is designed to collect and distribute data from Citizen Scientists and real scientists, and fuse that data with data collected by public agencies — e.g., NOAA. We need people who can demonstrate how to use it to classrooms, hacker spaces, or wherever cell phones, Arduino boards, Raspberry Pi’s and the like are being used to measure, explore, and record the physical world.

Sensorcast is made possible by the generosity of supporters, including corporate donations, non-profit grants, and private individuals. Without your donations, our existence would be impossible. If you find our work or our data useful to you in anyway, please consider making a donation to enable us to continue this project. There are a number of ways to donate:
PayPal: (Pending)
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Litecoin: LecVJbG6EALXZKaxuLYRPN6aho5TZdrTyt