DECO at Citizen Science June 9th

Hello there,

Are you confused about what DECO really is? Why cosmic rays are important? Who we really are? Well then, come on over to the LA Makerspace in downtown Los Angeles Sunday, June 9th for an hour long briefing somewhere between 2pm and 5pm. We’ll be talking about the current state of the project, future goals, and funding! There will also be several other projects being presented about various science and education topics.

Tickets are $10 a person. However, if you are already a member of LA Makerspace or donated to the Kickstarter back in February, then you can come for free! We’ll also be serving snacks and refreshments. There’s free food. You really don’t have an excuse to not come.

RSVP and event information is here:

P.S. Street parking can be scarce, so bring $5-$10 for lot parking.

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